The University of Nottingham Pro Bono Society Legal Advice Clinic is a student-led project that provides advice on employment rights issues by qualified volunteer solicitors and student volunteers. 


Some common employment rights issues are unfair dismissal, unequal pay, and unpaid leave. 


If you have a query, please send it to or use the contact form below and we may be able to help you. We can arrange for our volunteers to meet with you through a 30-minute online Clinic interview session to speak about your issue and provide a Letter of Advice to you within 14 days of your interview. Please note that we can only provide legal advice and cannot represent you. 


Please provide us with the following information:  

1. Full name, name of employer, any other parties concerned. 

2. What was the start and end date of the employment in question? What is the date on which the issue occurred? 

3. An account of your situation and issue you are enquiring about.  

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