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ASPIRE is one of the 8 projects offered by Pro Bono, and is part of the education branch of the Society.  We are renowned for our workshops, which see us go into primary schools around the local Nottingham area and run interactive sessions on topics the kids might not necessarily get a chance to learn about during the normal school curriculum.  Our sessions cover a whole host of different and exciting topics, such as climate change, women’s rights, or ‘what is law?’, so there really is something for everyone!


Why YOU should do ASPIRE

ASPIRE is a really fun and rewarding way to get stuck into Pro Bono.  Whether you’re looking to gain more experience for your CV, are interested in a career in teaching, or just simply want to build on your confidence and leadership, ASPIRE is for you!  The spirit of ASPIRE really encapsulates the very essence of ‘pro bono’ work, as the sessions we run offer you a rare opportunity to volunteer with children in a light-hearted yet deeply meaningful sense.  What better way to actively play a part in giving back to the community you call home?

Our Volunteers

Our amazing volunteers are what truly make ASPIRE.  If you were to volunteer with us, you would be acting as a ‘teaching assistant’ to a group of students, and would be responsible for managing and guiding your group through the workshops and respective tasks.  As such, it’s important for any potential volunteer to be adaptable, organised, and most importantly, kind. Don’t worry, we also accept volunteers from all degree classifications!

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