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Aspire is one of the eight projects under the Pro Bono Society. We conduct interactive workshops to introduce the concepts of human rights, justice, stereotyping, women's rights, 'what is law?', and voting & elections to children in primary schools all over Nottingham. Volunteers typically carry out role-plays, games, poster-making and problem-solving activities.

Aspire is renowned for its workshops as it offers a rare opportunity to volunteer with children in a light-hearted yet deeply meaningful way. Besides the workshops, we also will be engaging with various organisations to conduct special projects such as Discovery Day where primary school children will come into our university for campus tours and workshops. Please note that it is compulsory for you to attend at least one of our safeguarding training sessions before you can volunteer with Aspire or OutLAW.

We are also very excited to be receiving extra training from Teach First this year to ensure that our workshops are as engaging and our delivery as effective as possible. 

So if you have a passion for working with children, don't mind your CV looking awesome, and mostly want an amazing time guaranteed, join Aspire! Keep an eye out for us at the Pro Bono Society’s booth during the Welcome Fair and be sure to attend our Introductory Lecture which will take place in the first few weeks of the term!