My name is Anagha and I am the President of the Pro Bono Society. My experience with the society includes volunteering with the education projects in my first year and working as Co-Head of OutLAW in my second year. Now heading into my final year, I am excited to lead this society and build upon its excellence!

I love travelling and I have studied in Singapore, India, and Dubai. I am having a fantastic time living in the UK now and learning more about life here; an experience which this society has only made better!


Vice President

I have just returned from studying abroad in Texas and I am very excited to be your VP this year! I loved being a project head in my second year, and I am looking forward to collaborating with other committee members and supporting them to ensure the society is the best it can be. I am hoping my endless enthusiasm for probono work will inspire others to get involved!
Outside of uni I can normally found dancing my heart out at Ocean, or by the nearest kettle (big tea addict!) Hoping this year brings more of both

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General Secretary

Hey, I'm Arvin and I am currently your pro bono general secretary. I'm originally from Singapore and am currently a 3rd year law student. I hope to engage with plenty of you over the upcoming months and I hope your experience with us will be joyous and blissful. I also love football and I am a huge fan of Liverpool!! I hope to see you guys around!



I joined the Pro Bono Society in my first year of university, as a volunteer with the OutLAW project and a member of JLAP.
Going into my second year, I am looking forward to being a part of the committee and helping the society grow even more, as well as adapting to the challenges caused by COVID. 
Outside of university, I enjoy travelling and football. Since Nottingham is only a 20 minute train ride away, I am still able to watch most Leicester City games!

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Welfare Officer

My name is Lauren and I’m the Pro Bono society Welfare Officer! I was lucky enough to be the first year representative last year so I’m excited to continue my journey within the society. I thoroughly enjoy venturing out and trying new things, something which I aim to encourage during my role this year! This year, I hope to improve accessibility to help and support for members both inside and out of the society.


Publicity Officer

I’m a second-year law student, from the US and Romania. I got involved with the ProBono Society last year through the Aspire Project. It was a great experience, and I hope that I can use my role as publicity officer to attract as many people as possible to our amazing projects.



Sustainability Officer

Hi, I’m Marcus and I’m the upcoming sustainability officer for the academic year 2020/21. I’m a law student going into my 2nd year and a vegetarian, and sadly this is the extent of my personality.


Fundraising Representative

Currently a second-year law student, with an obsession/ addiction with coffee and glitter! I love cooking, obsessing over my two dogs and attempting HIIT workouts! I am a strong advocate for mental health, and always want people to feel comfortable and happy. Quick random facts:
Favourite drink- pink gin! Favourite food- cake! Favourite artist- Beyoncé! Favourite film- Hairspray (I love musicals!) Favourite author- Chris Carter. Favourite TV show- Friends! Fears- spiders, slugs, and small places! Yeah, you could say I’m pretty basic!

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Co-Head of Aspire

My name is Conor Thompson and I will be Co-Head of the Aspire Project! In the last year I have volunteered with Aspire, and so I couldn’t be more excited to lead the project and expand upon its greatness! As for me I can be found in three places outside of Uni: At the cinema with some sweet popcorn and a slushie, drinking a mocha frap while reading a book in Portland Coffee, or dancing the night away in Rock City! Can’t wait for a great year with you all :)


Co-Head of Aspire

Hello all, I’m Lauren and I’m the Co-Head of Aspire project for Pro Bono this year and cannot wait to get started! I’m about to go into my second year, studying Law, originally from Surrey but now live in West Yorkshire when not at Notts. I’m quite a social bee, so love spending time with friends and family, I’m really passionate about music and the theatre as well as taking long walks with my dog when at home. We’ve, yet again, an amazing team this year at Pro Bono and I look forward to meeting you all to create an even better society!

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Co-Head of OutLAW

Hello! I’m Max and I’m a Law student set to begin my final year at Nottingham. I’ve been volunteering for the OutLAW Project since I started university two years ago, and I’m excited to run it this year alongside Jacob. The COVID-19 pandemic presented an interesting challenge. Not only will we run OutLAW’s trademark activities such as the Mock Trial Competition, but we’re also planning innovative and COVID-safe ways to deliver workshops in the upcoming semester. Jacob and I are looking forward to next year, and we’re keen to convince as many of you to volunteer with us as possible!


Co-Head of OutLAW

Hi, I’m Jacob and I’m one of the Co-Heads of OutLAW. I volunteered with the project last semester and will be working through COVID19 with the rest of the committee to continue its important work. I’m interested in helping young people improve their understanding of the law through delivering workshops and events and applying my experiences of mooting, mock trials and working in Crown Courts. In my spare time, I’ve been getting involved with the Nottingham New Theatre’s tech team and enjoy watching theatre, and have also done a bit of debating and judging with the Debating Union.

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Co-Head of Unbarred

Hiya! I am a Fourth Year LLB Law with European Law student. I have just come back from a year in Copenhagen (it was amazing, I really recommend a year abroad). I am a Co-Head of the Unbarred project, I had this position when I was in second year and loved it so much I am doing it again. I can’t wait to be involved with Pro Bono again and work with all you fantastic people!


Co-Head of Unbarred

Hi everyone! I’m Maria, a second-year law student and the new co-head of Unbarred. 
In my first year, I joined the Pro Bono society as a volunteer for the Aspire project and loved working with children. 
This year I have the privilege to be exposed to and learn from a group of people living a very different life to us. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to be in a position where I am able to make a positive difference in someone’s life. Hopefully this experience will allow me to learn and grow as a person and also unbar the door of knowledge for everyone. 
I am also very excited to work with the volunteers and the committee, together with whom we will be able to make this project a success.

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Co-Head of Howard League

My name is Rosie and I am a second year law student. I am going to be one of the Co-Heads of the Howard League project this year after volunteering for the project during my first year. I play netball for the law society team and love a good night out (or in) with friends


Co-Head of Howard League

As Co-Head I hope to give members of the Howard League the same amazing experiences I had when I got involved with the project in my first year. By organising prison visits and talks, I hope to Inform people of the positive and negative sides of the criminal justice system in the UK. Aside from a passion for the law, I enjoy horse riding (I am fortunate enough to have two lovely ponies), singing, spending time with friends, and travelling- a trip to Madagascar is number one on my bucket list!

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Head of StreetLAW

Hello! My name is Charlotte McBride and I am the Project Head of StreetLAW. I am a second year LLB law student originally from Ledbury in Herefordshire. I joined the Pro Bono Society in my first year as a volunteer participating in Unbarred and I am very excited to have a leading role in the society this year. In my spare time, I love attending concerts (especially Everything Everything and Easy Life) and playing netball.


Head of Junior Lawyers Against Poverty

Hi, my names Holly Medley, a third-year law student and head of JLAP for pro bono. I have volunteered for pro bono since my first year and have really enjoyed not only the work I’ve been involved in but also the people I’ve been able to meet. Taking on Head of JLAP will allow me to give back to the society that has been an integral part of my university life and enable me to expand the project further. I look forward to seeing how pro bono progresses this year!

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Head of Access to Justice

In my first year of university I enjoyed being a part of the pro-bono society by volunteering as a member of The Howard League. I am looking forward to being a part of the society again as head of Access to Justice and getting to know all the committee members and new volunteers. My aims for the project this year are to get the housing app released and to organise some talks and workshops on law and technology. In my spare time I play the french horn and enjoy playing tennis and cricket.


Negotiation Competition Organiser

Having been a member of Pro Bono since my first year at Nottingham, I’ve seen how amazing the society is and wanted to be more actively involved. Their negotiation competition was the first one I ever took part in, and so as the new project head I’m excited to continue it whilst introducing some exciting new ideas.
I’ve lived in Wales for the last few years, and in that time I’ve learnt how to ask for a cup of tea which is probably the most important phrase I need!

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Co-Head of Legal Clinic

I'm Julia, one of the new Heads of the Legal Advice Clinic. I'm starting my third year studying law this September. The project is new for this year so I'm really eager to develop it and explore the ways in which we can establish a sustainable project and source of legal advice. I have volunteered mainly with A2J in my previous years at university and have really enjoyed getting involved with the Society. I hope that what I learned as a part of developing the housing app for A2J will help me in setting up the Clinic as the project will probably focus on housing rights initially.


Co-head of Legal Clinic

Han Xiang is excited to work on the development of the Legal Advice Clinic. He has previously volunteered in Singapore's Law Society Pro Bono Service and assisted pro bono lawyers as a stenographer at a grassroots level. He finds pro bono to be both meaningful and beneficial to his development as a law student and would like to share the experience with members. 
Han Xiang enjoys fencing and playing football alongside friends during his spare time.