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My name is Cristian! I’m the new President, and I used to be your publicity officer. I previously volunteered with the education projects. I love photography, Formula 1, tennis, and skiing! I hope I can help you make the most of your Pro Bono membership!


Vice President

Hi, I’m Megan and I’m excited to be your Vice President this year! I am going into my final year after studying abroad in Copenhagen. I have been involved with the Pro Bono society since my first year of university, and I was Co-Head of the Howard League Project in my second year, so I’m excited to be part of the society again. Outside of university, I love playing sports, and I am always up for a dance party!


I look forward to meeting you all and having a great year!


Trinh Nguyen 

General Secretary

Hey, my name is Trinh and I am a final law student. It is a great pleasure for me to join the Pro Bono Committee this year. I began to participate in Pro Bono projects in my second year and wanted to contribute more to this wonderful society. I am devoted to law, enjoy playing badminton and singing!



Hi everyone I am the new treasurer of the Pro Bono Society and I’m really excited to be on committee this year. I'm going into the second year of my law degree and have been a member of the Pro Bono Society since first year, volunteering for the Unbarred project. I helped to produce and host Unbarred: The Podcast which was a new development during Covid and thoroughly enjoyed being part of the project's innovation. This year I hope to secure more funding for the society so more teams have the opportunity to launch exciting new developments for their projects.



Welfare Officer

I’m Milly and I’m so excited to be your welfare officer for this year. I’m in third year and am very much looking forward to a normalish year of uni! I love a cocktail and can recommend some very good bars in Nottingham! X


Publicity Officer

Hi everyone I am the new publicity officer of the Pro Bono Society and I’m really excited to be on committee this year. I'm going into the third year of my law degree and have been a member of the Pro Bono Society since first year, volunteering with the Aspire project. I love baking, walking and spending time with my friends



Sustainability Officer

Hi I’m Chloe and I am the sustainability officer! I have just completed my LLB Law degree and will be starting the LLM in September. I’ve been involved in the Pro Bono society throughout my undergraduate degree and so I am very excited to be part of the committee this year! Outside of university I enjoy ballet and love spending time with friends and family.

I am looking forward to a great year with you all :)


Fundraising Representative

i I’m Molly and I am this years Fundraising Representative! I joined the Pro Bono Society last year as a volunteer with Aspire and a member of JLAP and going into my second year, I am so excited to be a part of the committee and helping the society become even better with hopefully lots of in person events. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with friends, playing netball and baking.



Co-Head of Aspire

My name is Conor Thompson and i will be one of the co-heads of ASPIRE (again) this coming year! Most of you may know me if you have worked with the project this year and i can’t wait to meet more of you! I couldn’t be more excited to lead the project again! I can be found at 3 places outside of uni: at the cinema, at starbucks or probably outside shopping! Can’t wait to lead the project again and for this upcoming year :)


Co-Head of Aspire

Hello all, I’m Lauren and I’ll be continuing my role as Co-Head of the Aspire Project this year. Last year, as we all know, wasn’t the greatest but I’m determined that this year will be better – at least now we can definitely say we’re prepared for anything that comes our way! 

I’m originally from Surrey but now live in West Yorkshire when not in Notts. I’m a social bee, so love spending time with my friends and family, trying out new things and drinking lots of cocktails! I’m really passionate about music and theatre and am obsessed with my dogs – although this little guy in the picture, I have to admit, is a family friends. Yet again we have an amazing group of people to make this year’s Pro Bono Society and I cannot wait to get started and meet you all!



Co-Head of OutLAW

Hi there! My name’s Richard and I am co-heading OutLAW this coming year. I am starting the second year of my law degree and a keen sports player (although not a great one), and I can’t wait to start making a real difference to the local community alongside Sharleen and our brilliant volunteers!


Co-Head of OutLAW

Hello Everyone, my name is Sharleen and I am one of the co-heads of Outlaw! I am a Kenyan Native and will be going into my second year of law. I am very excited to be taking on this role and I hope we can take the project to new heights with the easing of covid restrictions. Outside from school I love travelling, cooking and playing piano. Looking forward to interacting with you all!



Co-Head of Unbarred

: I’m a second year Law LLB student and last year I helped found Unbarred: The Podcast. I’ve got so many great ideas which will develop the project further this year and I’m particularly excited to get back to in-person workshops. Outside of uni I work as a lifeguard and love to travel - especially to places with amazing marine life to see when I’m scuba diving!


Co-Head of Unbarred

I'm Imogen (she/her) - better known as Immy - and I am super excited to be your Unbarred Co-head for this year. As well as being an avid supporter of charity, I am also an ambassador for two large cancer research organisations in the UK. My hobbies include PC gaming, procrastinating and drinking too much tea.



Co-Head of Howard League

I am a final year law student from Trinidad and Tobago. Penal reform has always been one of my passions. It is a driving motivation for my becoming a lawyer, especially given that it is much needed in the Caribbean, so I am very excited and honored  to be a part of this project this coming year! In my free time I love reading books, doing art, and playing my violin.


Co-Head of Howard League

I’m Annabel, I’m co head of Howard league, about to go into my third and final year of my law degree & I can’t wait to be out and about in Nottingham again. I also love sushi & playing piano :)))



Head of StreetLAW

I am going into second year! I love going to the gym and netball and drinking with friends in my spare time! I am very passionate about charity work and I hope to see many of you next year!


Head of Junior Lawyers Against Poverty

Hi! My name is Belinda and I will be the project head for JLAP this year. I am a second-year law student from Malaysia. In my first year, I joined the pro-bono society as a volunteer in JLAP and I’m looking forward to working with the volunteers and committees to make this year a successful one!

Henry (A2J) - Photo.JPG


Head of Access to Justice


Negotiation Competition Organiser

Hello! I’m Nikolas and I’ll be in charge of organising this year’s Negotiation Competitions. I’m a final-year law student and have been an active member of the Pro-Bono society since I joined the University. I’ve seen the great work that has been done by our members thus far and I’m looking forward to working with all of you!



Co-Head of Legal Clinic

Hi everyone. My name is Thomas and I'm going into my masters at Nottingham studying International Commercial Law. I am originally from the Lake District, but don't worry my Northern accent has been whittled down. Alongside my degree I am a member of the University Football Team, and overall I'm very excited to get started with the Legal Advice Clinic, and i look forward to working with our volunteers.


Co-head of Legal Clinic

Hey, my names Ayah I am Co-head of the legal clinic. I study International Media with Mandarin going into my third year of university and hoping to go into commercial law in the future.


welcome to your


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