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StreetLAW is a multi-faceted project. 

Work here consists of volunteering with the Centre of Criminal Appeals, Citizens' Advice Bureau, the Personal Support Unit, and inFrinGeMent. 

APPEAL: This is a programme educating the next generation of criminal defence and prosecution lawyers on best practice via work on miscarriage of justice cases under the supervision of the legal team at APPEAL. 

Volunteers gain work experience on a particular case. The students work alongside APPEAL staff, complementing and supplementing the work of our lawyers and investigators. 

The activities students gain the opportunity to engage in include:

  • researching legal and factual issues within the file and using internet sources

  • producing drafts of aspects of:

  1. Case theory

  2. Instructions to experts

  3. Ppplications to the Criminal Cases Review Commission

  4. Briefs to counsel

  5. Grounds of Appeal

Support Through Court: Our prime purpose is to provide practical and emotional support to litigants in person (i.e. people representing themselves) in the major civil and family court centres in England and Wales. We aim to help them represent themselves more confidently through the court process.

You need to be able to deal with people on all levels, have lots of initiative and the ability to empathise with people going through a stressful and difficult time.

Volunteering for Support Through Court is rewarding, challenging and often quite moving. For these reasons, and due to the nature of our work (which can often involve vulnerable people), we select and monitor our volunteers carefully.

inFrinGeMent: inFrinGeMent is a charity organisation that aims to raise awareness of female genital mutilation (FGM). 

FGM has no health benefits but can cause long term physical and psychological trauma and in the worst case, death. Around 137, 000 women and girls are living with the consequences of FGM in the UK. Over 200m women and girls worldwide have suffered due to FGM. It is important to make children aware of FGM from an early age. Indeed, by establishing a negative attitude towards FGM in children and raising awareness of its impacts, it will create a future generation that will want to impose change in communities.

Volunteers will create age-appropriate and sensitive presentations to deliver at schools. These will include case studies and be delivered in a way that can be easily understood.

Students work with these organisations, and also fundraise for them in the spare time (with charity film screenings, cake sales, and so much more!).

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