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The Unbarred Project is a great opportunity to get involved in for anyone who has a passion for the justice system and rehabilitation. Whether you study law, history, maths, science or any other subject! The project involves going into a variety of different prisons across the midlands to conduct workshops for the inmates who are soon to be released! Our disclosure workshop has been running for many years, allowing volunteers to interact with inmates face to face, giving them information on different paths of employment outside of prison, whether that be getting a job, becoming self-employed, setting up their own business, or going on to higher education!

We’re also immensely proud of our new interview workshops that were introduced in the project a few years ago. Volunteers can have the opportunity to give mock interviews to inmates, helping them understand the transferable skills that they gained inside prison. This is such an amazing project to make a real difference to the inmates and help eliminate the stigma against offenders! This looks great on any CV and helps the volunteers increase their communication skills and their confidence. We’d love to see all of you becoming new volunteers for the project we love in September, so be sure to apply when the time comes!

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