OutLAW is one of the hugely successful projects in the Pro Bono Society. We are an outreach project that aims to increase participation of students from underrepresented backgrounds at secondary state schools, and at colleges. OutLAW volunteers deliver a variety of workshops that help students in applying to university, gaining employability skills and give them an insight into the legal career. We conduct an Inter-school Mock Trial Competition where volunteers will help students prepare for the competition and act as judges and jury during the final stages. OutLAW also delivers a Law Insight Day, where students have the opportunity to visit campus, take part in mock-lectures, as well as a variety of workshops. OutLAW is an amazing opportunity for you to volunteer with secondary school students to demystify the legal career and enable them to consider university and other post-18 options. To participate within the project, you must attend one of our safeguarding training sessions before you volunteer with OutLAW or Aspire.

We are also very excited to be receiving some training from Teach First in how to deliver workshops effectively and to create better workshops that engage students fully to ensure that they get the most out of our time with them.

Additionally this year OutLAW are proudly sponsored by the law firm Potter Rees Dolan which specialises in serious injury claims and clinical negligence.  

If this sounds like something that would interest you, you are passionate about having a positive impact on students, want to get to know an amazing set of volunteers and are happy to boost your CV, get involved with OutLAW! Come say hi at the Welcome Fair Pro Bono Society booth and join us at our Introductory Presentation coming up soon!