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Who are we?

OutLAW is an outreach project within the Pro Bono Society centred around educating and inspiring young people, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds, about higher education and careers. We focus on degrees and pathways within the legal profession specifically, but also cover broadly applicable topics. The project aims to ensure that more young people are gaining access to the essential information needed to pursue their goals for the future, particularly within the legal industry.

Why volunteer with OutLAW?

OutLAW is an amazing opportunity for you to volunteer with secondary school and college students to help demystify the legal career and enable them to consider university and other post-18 options. It is a fantastic way to meet new people and boost your CV. To participate in the project, you must attend one of our safeguarding training sessions before volunteering with OutLAW or Aspire.

What do we do?

We are hosting multiple events this year which will be attended by schools and colleges from around Nottingham. Our first event is the Law Insight Day on November 20th at the University of Nottingham. We will be speaking on how to apply to university and how the law entrance exam is structured. We will also have a panel of trainee solicitors and legal professionals in attendance to discuss their journeys into the legal profession, as well as a taster lecture given by one of our lecturers. The students will also be given a tour of the campus so they can get a feel for what university life is like.

In March, we will host our Careers Event where we will provide workshops to students on a variety of topics, including an introduction to higher education. We will also discuss the development of skills and how to finance higher education. We will also visit schools, upon their request, to discuss topics tailored to the students' questions or the school’s preferences.

We will also be running an active Q&A session on our instagram page - @outlaw_uonprobono where we will be answering general questions surrounding higher education, university, studying law and careers in law, this will be done via posts and reels

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